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GKS Fibreglass Pty Ltd

Truly the most unique and innovative fibreglass design and manufacturing company in Perth, at GKS Fibreglass we do anything in fibreglass. We specialise in Fibreglass Shower Cubicles and have over 9 different models of shower cubicles to choose from or we can custom build one for you.

We not only design and develop all of our own products but do the same thing for many other high-profile companies who wish to use the best for fibreglass design and fabrication.

We’ve been around for 30 years and have set the benchmark in the local industry for Quality and Consistency, with craftsmanship and skill delivered promptly with a warranty that tells you we are really standing behind our work.

Our design innovation is built around our 45 years of experience, our top-quality workmanship and pride, and the fact that we barely miss a beat, travelling internationally to keep up on the latest trends and technologies. We continually invest both time and money into advancing our skills and equipment, ensuring that you’re getting the utmost in quality.


We specialise in:

  • Fibreglass Shower Cubicles                                       
  • General Fibreglass Work   
  • Plug & Mould development                 
  • Industrial Fibreglass Work
  • Onsite work & Fibreglass Repairs
  • New Boats and Fibreglass Boat Repairs
  • Caravan Parts for Coromal Caravans    
  • Cabinet Work for Essa Australia  
Here is one of our Shower Cubiclesshower_deepetch.png

Our globally-recognised excellence has kept us so busy we’ve never had to even advertise as our reputation has spread through word-of-mouth for 25 years!

Contact us today to see how we can handle all of your fibreglass needs.

Here is our new Flyer wth our current Shower Cubicle sizes




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